I Predicted the Future

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Have you ever predicted the future?

Not many can answer “yes” to this question, but I am one of the few who can. You see, on February 9, 2018 I released my first ever project which was a mixtape titled “Prinzess Diary:1”. To announce it’s arrival I released the promotional video below referring to the project as Christian Hip Hop’s (CHH) Mixtape of the Year. I know… how arrogant? But I believed in not only the hard work I put into it’s fruition, but the overall quality of the project from the lyricism I took the time to perfect to the extraordinary finishing touches made by none other than the German Mixtape Master himself, DJ Noize (former DJ for rapper Chingy).


Now fast-forward a few months to May 27, 2018 where I’m nominated at the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) CHH Awards for several categories which include Mixtape of the Year and Female Artist of the Year. As the announcer stated “And now I’m going to present the award for Mixtape of Year.”, my heart sunk.  “What if I don’t win?” I asked myself. I was experiencing so much anxiety that I just wanted the moment to be over. The seconds felt like minutes leading up to the statement, “…and the winner is… Chè Sarai!!!” I can’t quite describe the feeling that overtook me, but it was a surreal one. However, the night was young as I would also go on to take home a trophy for Female Artist of the Year. With buzz growing up and down the east coast I found myself nominated for Mixtape of the Year again in Ohio for which I also won.

Accepting DMV Mixtape of the Year

Accepting DMV Mixtape of the Year

Posing with Trophy's for Mixtape of the Year and Female Artist of the Year

Posing with Trophy’s for Mixtape of the Year and Female Artist of the Year












The success of this mixtape was confirmation that people were listening to what I had to say and anticipating what I would say next. I’m extremely proud to find myself in my “next” with the release of the “My Jesus” project. This is my first ever EP and the response so far has been nothing short of overwhelming. If you enjoyed “Prinzess Diary:1” and “What If He’s Real?”, I’m positive the “My Jesus” project will not disappoint!

I will be eagerly awaiting your feedback. So, I guess it’s safe to say…

Talk soon!


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  • Gebson decipher says:

    Waw what a wonderful story is a perfect one, God will surely see you through as you affect this generation positively

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